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Doing good, without god

Atheists are no less willing than other groups of people to engage in good words. You might even argue that we are more charitable than religious people, because we decide to undertake charity, activism, and philanthropy according to a desire to make this world better, rather than in obedience to a doctrine or in hope of a reward in the afterlife. If atheists as a group have been less visible in their philanthropy, perhaps it is because we lack the centralized organization and public relations prowess of other communities. It is our hope that the Boston Atheists can serve as a vehicle to help atheists channel their natural human tendency to help one another.

Some past fundraising and social action

  • BA pledges sponsored one of our member's participation in Wilderness Heals, a three-day pledge hike to raise funds for the Elizabeth Stone House.
  • When a housefire in Cambridge left 12 people homeless and without possession, a community effort sprang up to provide funding and material donations to help the victims, to which the Boston Atheists contributed $225 in cash and gifts.
  • $100 in donations raised during a Sunday morning Blasphemy Brunch were sent to the Secular Student Alliance.
  • Proceeds from an ice skating fundraiser allowed the BA to contribute $350 to local women's shelter On the Rise.
  • $250 in donations collected at a monthly Blasphemy Brunch were sent to Action for Boston Community Development Inc., to help offset the costs of its fuel subsidy and social welfare programs.
  • Since the formation of the Humanists of Boston University, BA members have been glad to volunteer time and labor to support that group's annual riverside litter pick-up.
  • Boston Atheists members purchased and shipped reference guides to support the teaching of environmental and ecology topics at a Connecticut summer camp.
  • A charity bowling event raised over $500 for Doctors Without Borders.
  • The Boston Atheists have participated in annual sidewalk demonstration protests to raise awareness in our community of lobbying done by the Church of Christian Science to preserve loopholes in child medical neglect laws.

Massachusetts Secular Campus Leadership Award

The Boston Atheists are pleased to sponsor this award, to be presented once each year to a member of any local campus secular group that has shown particular promise as a future leader in the freethought movement. This award takes the form of a paid year-long membership in American Atheists, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the American Humanist Association, or the Secular Student Alliance, according to the winner's preference. Student groups members enrolled at any Boston-area college are eligible. To nominate student candidates, student group officers or advisors should contact the BA for application instructions. We regret that we are unable to fund the membership of more than one student from any single campus.

American Atheists Massachusetts Activism Award

Nominations for the inaugural AAMAA will be accepted between January 1 and August 31, 2017. Check this page for more information, or send an email to the BA organizers requesting to be added to the information mailing list regarding this program.

Suggest ways for the Boston Atheists to get involved

We encourage members to contact the organizers regarding any cause they think our members would be interested in supporting.

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