Challenges of Starting a Perfume Shop

Challenges are a part of all small and large businesses. Even the trendiest and the most demanding businesses have to face some kinds of challenges. But there is a business that has manageable and easy to tackle challenges and that is the business of selling perfume oil in Dubai. This is the kind of business that has more than many advantages like there is less hiring, there is less machinery and equipment, you can start at home, you need less advertising and marketing and much more. As for the challenges, there are some but you don’t need to get disappointed after reading about them as they are mentioned for your knowledge.

The best part is that starting this business is easy and getting the trade license of this business is also easy and cheap. This is cheap because with a single trade, you can sell more than many items. You don’t have to get a huge insurance and the more you invest in this business, the more benefit you will get. Below, you will read about the challenges of perfume business.

Heavy Taxes:

Sooner or later, your perfume business will get vast and even if you are doing this business online, taxes will be waiting for you. Paying some portion of your hard-earned money is very sad thing to do.

Hiring for a Shop:

If you want to get your perfumes displayed in a store, then hiring will be tough. This is because there are a majority of people who don’t know much about perfumes and they don’t know how to sell. The employees can be less helpful for the choosy customers.

Finding a Good Supplier:

For initial marketing and advertising, you will have to hire a distributor or a supplier and finding the one that is loyal to you is very difficult.

t times, your perfume will be the highest selling perfume and if there is a fresh fragrance in the market, you can get a tough time and you have to come up with a scent all over again – you can add automatic air fresheners spray to increase your credibility.

Slow Progress:

In the beginning, you will have a hard time earning good reputation, you will have to make sure that all the stores in your community keeps your perfumes and convincing them can be tough – this is connected with finding a good supplier.


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