Facts you must know about e-visas

You may have already heard about the Turkey evisa. You may even be considering applying for one. The good news is that there are several different ways to obtain this type of visa. Below, you will find information on getting an e-visa, the countries where you can get one, and the requirements. Read on to learn how to get an e-visa to any country.

Information about e-visas:

You may need to get a visa when traveling to another country, but e-visas are becoming more popular. These electronic visas are available in many countries. You may need one to enter your own country or visit a friend’s. Regardless of the type of visa, there are benefits to applying online.

Requirements for getting e-visas:

If you are planning to visit a country, you should be aware of the requirements for getting e-visas. You must pay the fee of about $100, and the documents must be valid. A valid passport must accompany the visa with at least two blank pages. You can pay using a debit or credit card. The fee of getting an e-visa varies between different countries.

Getting e-visas online:

Getting an e-Visa online is quick and easy and requires little or no preparation. Once you have your passport, you visit the country’s official website you wish to visit. Fill out a simple form and upload a picture and scanned supporting documents. You will then pay for the e-Visa. The entire process is complete in about 10 minutes, but not all countries offer the service. Before you start, you must check if your country has this service.

Duration of e-visas:

The unified e-visa allows you to stay for up to 16 days in your destination country, but it does not allow you to stay longer than 384 hours. This time includes the day of arrival and departure. You can use a visa calculator to determine the length of stay. Your electronic visa may be extended for emergency medical treatment or unavoidable circumstances, such as natural disasters. It is important to note that your e-visa does not extend the validity of your passport.


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