Best places to visit in UAE

UAE is famous for its magnificent architecture, cultural monuments and shopping plazas. UAE has become the place of attraction for most of the persons because it has its traditional culture too with modern life. So if you are planning to visit UAE then you must go to Abu Dhabi, Dubai. If you are going to visit UAE then we have added list of best places in UAE that you must visit. You can see this list in this article.

Burj Khalifa:

It is one of most famous building in UAE and not only in UAE but it is famous in whole world now. It is also considered as world’s tallest building. There is also observation deck on this building from which you can also see the panoramic view across Dubai. it has multiple restaurants too.

Hajar Mountains:

These mountains form the wild heart of UAE and the way towards these mountains is twisted so you can also experience adventure while visiting this place. This place also has dry riverbeds and valleys so you will explore new side of UAE by visiting this place as most of part of UAE is on desert.

Lovure Abu Dhabi:

This is new museum in Abu Dhabi and the unique thing about this museum is that it tells about the human history. So if you want to know the early history of human beings then you must visit this place.

Jebel jais:

This is considered as highest point in UAE and it has landscape terrace and it pairs up with sea.

Jebel Hafeet:

This is considered as second highest point in UAE and after completion of drive you can see the beautiful view of desert there.


This is part of old Dubai and it is small heritage of old Dubai tradition. The structure of its building is that it is beautifully constructed with narrow lines in typical Arabian architectural style. Although you can also see the old Arab tradition in museum too but if you want to see the real Arab architecture then it is best place for you.


Desert is the specialty of UAE and there are many desert safaris for visitors so if you want to do adventure then you must go for this. There are different timings of desert safaris such as morning, evening and overnight.


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